Antenna House XSL and CSS Formatter,
now V. 7.3 Sales, Training, Competent Application Support
since 2002 and for more than 20 years always state of the art

The Antenna House Formatter is the most powerful system for automated layout and output for PDF and print

The current version 7.3 offers support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2, Emoji, checking the display status of layers in GUI, enhanced document info dialog in GUI, the ability to specify output pages. Besides these enhancements, a number of properties have been extended with additional values or value ranges.

Some highlights of the Antenna House Formatter:

Features and options

Outputs Features/Options Conformity Interfaces
Postscript* more than 70 languages XSL-FO Command line
PDF 1.3 ‒ 1.7, 2.0 Multilingual hyphenation Unicode .NET
PDF/X, PDF/X-4p CGM (optimized) Acid2 Java
PDF/A Barcode support* CSS C/C++
INX* many graphic formats EMF
XPS* Tagged PDF MathML 3.0
MIF* Multimedia WMF
SVG* Embedding PDF in PDF
Print Layered PDF
Microsoft Word

* fee-based options

Platforms: Windows 32bit and 64bit, Linux 64bit, Mac 64bit, AWS Graviton2 and M1 Mac

Workstation and server licenses - lite and regular functionality

Licensing and consulting: Dr. Manfred Krüger, MID/Information Logistics (

English now: thorough, comprehensible, practical and up-to-date: Manfred Krüger:
XSL-FO Understand and Use ‒ XML Processing for PDF and Print
2021, 375 pages

The automated creation of sophisticated print layouts and function-rich digital publications (E-PDF) and documentation from arbitrarily structured XML documents: this is what the XSL-FO technology offers.

The basic part contains a compact introduction to the techniques of data transformation (XSLT) and data access (XPath), providing the necessary application know-how for beginners in the field. For experienced XSL-FO designers the application part contains a wealth of examples, even for complex document design.

The English version of the original German publication has been carefully edited. Consistent and well thought-out design principles for stylesheets make their creation and maintenance easy to organize.

The Antenna House XSL Formatter is the recommended formatter. Its extensions and special features are described in detail.

The PDF version contains exact links to the PDF of my XSL-FO reference (, where also all Antenna House extensions are documented. The English version will be available in summer 2021.

The code for the DTD (simplified DocBook structure) and the XSL-FO stylesheet can be copied into an editor without errors. The result of code collection is a complete stylesheet for book-like applications with title, table of contents, chapter structure in several levels with complex text structures, tables, graphics, multimedia objects and a two-level subject index.

Media, Purchase form, Prices:

Free of charge for download: Manfred Krüger: XSL-FO Reference Guide
including the Antenna House Extensions V. 7.2

XML-structured documents can be automatically processed with XSL-FO to create sophisticated print layouts, feature-rich digital publications (E-PDF) and documentation.
This book offers a complete reference including all standard-compliant extensions of the Antenna House XSL Formatter V7.2, the world market leader for professional XSL-FO systems.
Each standard construct is described in its function and provided with information about its use (attributes, parent and child elements, AXF extensions).
This reference thus provides comprehensive and precise information on the development of XSL stylesheets for typographically demanding typesetting processes, especially for scientific and technical content of all kinds and multilingual publications in all world languages.

Download free of charge:

Manfred Krüger: TechDocs ‒ consequently organized foresighted An online introduction into documentation production with XSL-FO On your request in German or in English

I would like to show you how to produce technical or administrative documentation/publications for a wide range of uses in a well-planned and organized manner with future-proof quality.

This introduction is aimed especially at interested parties, to whom such terms as XML and XSL still mean little. In less than an hour I will show you by means of a practical example which preliminary planning considerations are necessary and which software tools you need. At the end we can interactively discuss your questions, possible objections and application-specific ideas.


Contact me by e-mail for an appointment that suits you:

XSL-FO and XSLT ‒ Seminars and Workshops Theory based - Conceptual - Practical also as in-house seminar focused on customer-specific requirements with support in customer projects

Using XSL-FO for professional typesetting

The practical seminar (2 days) introduces the basics of XSL-FO: the participants learn to understand the potential of automated transformation and formatting with XSL. They test it with their own practical exercises.

This seminar can be held in German or English.


XSL-FO in complex designs

This seminar (2 days) introduces the details and subtleties of XSL-FO: the participants deepen their knowledge of automated transformation and formatting. They learn to use the extensions of the Antenna House Formatter.

This seminar can be held in German or English.


Practical basics of the transformation of XML documents with XSL-T

The seminar (2 days) introduces the basics of XSL-T for the transformation of XML documents. With the development of exemplary stylesheets the participants get prototypical templates for their own applications.

This seminar can be held in German or English.


* * *

Please address all inquiries regarding training, seminars, courses and in-house workshops to Dr. Manfred Krüger (

MID/Information Logistics, Dr. Manfred Krüger, develops Documentation and Publishing Applications

with complex requirements for structuring and multiple use ‒ from planning to publishing.

The standards of the W3C are the conceptual basis: XML for syntax and structure of contents as well as XSL for specification of the processing and design rules.

MID/Information Logistics, Manfred Krüger, has extensive experience in XML and XSL applications for documentation and publishing systems of all sizes in many industrial sectors.

Since 2002 MID/Information Logistics, Manfred Krüger, supports the licensing and usage of the worldwide used and most powerful XSL Formatter from Antenna House, Japan.

The intensive work with the XSL-FO technology and the Antenna House XSL Formatter led to a series of handbook publications for those interested in this technology as well as for professional users.

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